4 Star Rating - Very good
By Amy W.

need a remodel? 

Are you thinking of re-doing your kitchen? If you not want to deal with the cookie cutter approach to some big box retailers, then definitely check this place. They have a team of very experienced designers that can help you figure out what will look and be best for your kitchen. Whether you have a small cramped space or a large space, this place will work with you to do what best suits you. The prices are what you would expect for a specialty design store like this. the people are great. i highly recommend this store.

5 Star Rating - World class
By Pat H.

Custom Design 

 Custom designed for you is the motto of this establishment. Quality workmanship, attention to detail and personalized service are offered. Experienced designers are on staff to help create the look you want.


4 out 5 Stars


Vera & her people at Hawthorne Kitchens do wonderful work!

We used Hawthorne Kitchens to do not 1 but 2 kitchens. We were newly married and our old kitchen was just that OLD. Vera came in and designed a beautiful kitchen that made good use of the space. It is one of the very attractive features of the house which is now a rental property. We moved 2 years later and we had Vera & Hawthorne Kitchens redo our current kitchen. It still looks and functions wonderfully. The design provides us with good use of the small space. Her craftsman did a great job with the install. They also make minor repairs as needed. We recommend them and will use them on any future homes.